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About The Space

The Space in Downtown Lake Geneva offers a fresh, raw approach to holistic health. Our vibrant one-stop-shop destination welcomes all with a wide variety of wellbeing services, amenities and retail, all housed within a boldly-creative environment. 

If you’re ready to experience something new – soul-centering, jungle vibes guaranteed – come check out all that we offer to encourage mental, physical and spiritual vitality. A one-of-a-kind transformational experience awaits you!  


The Space Philosophy

A Space. A Place. A Lifestyle. 

The Space Wellbeing Studio is an artistically-curated health center that allows you to be your own guide. We've made it our mission to hold a space for all things well-being, but in a way that branches off of the "norm" of society's avenues for healing. 

Our motto is "a loving world begins with a loving you." We believe that we all hold the responsibility to be the most loving humans that we can be. 

Speak it. Radiate it. BE it. 

At The Space, we hold space to learn together… to learn about the nature of life and our connection to it. Our commitment is to community, one that inspires an atmosphere with room for all. 

We believe personal and social change can start anywhere. It only takes one instance of change to ignite a fire and inspire a movement of change within a community and beyond.

The Space is a reservoir beyond barriers of race, class or time. We are a space that holds space for you and for me. In a place where Western and Eastern medicine become one, you can expect to be met with an experience that goes beyond average and encourages transformation all-around. 


Gratitude x Infinti~

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