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Our Mission

Fit bar, Aerial Yoga, IVY hydration Bar, Closet Hippie Space Bar with fresh juices, microgreens & salads to go, hiking/biking/running/walking clubs and events, meditation rooms, Energy Work, acupuncture, life coaching and more!


It's a space, It's a place, It's a lifestyle.


Around here, we don't judge where your soul compels you to go. 


Around here we keep it simple, there is no need for fancy walls or complicated philosophies. Our own, our own hearts is our temple.
The philosophy is kindness. Oneness.


Around here we keep our thoughts rooted in overall health, dipped in a focus of exercising all things that lead to a better you. It's not just about diet and working out our muscles. It's about starving our fears, so we can focus instead on our ability to overcome them. The founder of the space main goal was to create a "space" to do just that. We are committed to increasing intervention and prevention modalities. Offering cutting edge initiatives while staying true to our style. 


Around here we strive to enrich the well-being of our communities not disclosing cutting edge health communication strategies and prioritizing the wellness of all ages. The words mind, body, and soul have never been more felt or needed. 


Around here we believe in the body benefiting from movement,
the mind benefiting from stillness and our inner most selves from remembering what it feels like to fall in love with yourself,
the world, and life again. 


Taking care of yourself is an essential part of taking care of others. 


Your well-being is what you have to offer the world. The healthier
the tree the better the fruit it can offer. 


Better the tree. Better the fruit. Be the change. 


Gratitude x Infinti~

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