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Dan Czelawski

Yoga Instructor

Dan Czeslawski started practicing Yoga following a sports injury at the age of 14 in the mid 90's.  In 2005, Dan obtained his certification in the practice of Kriya Yoga at the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago under the guidance of Goswami Kriyananda.   He then worked at the high school level mentoring kids with special needs until opening up Simple Path Yoga Studio in 2015.


After winning Best of the Fox two years in a row for best yoga studio, Dan went on to work as a Personal Coach for thousands of men trying to put their lives back together using insight obtained from the philosophies and practices of Yoga and the 8 Limbs of Yoga. 


Dan started a Company called Acclim-8, which serves as an online coaching program with quarterly events and daily live meditations.   He has now found a home within The Space in Lake Geneva and is offering his yoga classes and personal coaching directly in person.  Additionally, Dan has 12 years experience serving Gong and Singing Bowl meditations which he incorporates into his Fireside Yoga sessions at The Space.  Dan has two sons whom he adores and provide inspiration to him on a daily basis.

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