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Tyler Dempsey

Boxing Instructor

The Space’s Cardio Boxing Instructor, Tyler Dempsey, is a local to Lake Geneva as of June 2021.  Prior to life in the Midwest, Tyler was a personal trainer in Nashville, Tennessee. 


His background in collegiate wrestling lead him down a path to compete in Boxing, Ju Jitsu, and Muay Thai Boxing before retiring with an undefeated Mixed Martial Arts record.  Throughout the past 10 years of coaching, teaching and personal training, Tyler found himself in a niche market training multiple music industry managers and county music artists.  Being a trainer on tour for months on end proved very challenging. 


Not having proper gym equipment forced Tyler to be creative with his clients’ workouts, and he developed a fun, fluid and instructional approach to technique and class structure.  The foundation of his philosophy is “Bio-Individuality,” meaning that although everyone is equal, everyone is unique.  He approaches his teaching by always keeping this in mind to ensure individual attention within the group class setting.

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