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Adult Day Camp and Retreat

Half Day or Full Day

Our morning Adventure session is approx. is 4 hours long and finishes at The Space. The Afternoon Relaxation Retreat is also approx. 4 hours held at The Space. Full day purchase includes a day pass for The Space. 

Adventure: We combine activities for the ultimate adventure. With an unlimited amount of outdoor possibilities. Check our calendar to see the latest and upcoming adventures. Every Monday and Friday from May-September. These adventures are designed for active adults. Dress appropriately for the weather and bring your camera!!

Retreat: Our retreats are an afternoon filled with combinations of modalities including: Meditation, Yoga, Massage, Energy Work, Salt Caves, Saunas, and Cold Water Immersions along with some one of a kind relaxation modalities. We specialize in intertwining these practices so that they work synergistically. Check the calendar for the descriptions of upcoming retreats. Wear comfortable stretchy clothes. 

Full Day Package: Make it a full day by joining both the Adventure and Relaxation sessions. There will be a lunch break in between sessions and a day pass is included in this package. Enjoy all of the amenities the space has to offer before or after the sessions. 

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