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PT Consultation

(Class - Emily)

  • 30 minutes
  • 15 US dollars


**Welcome to Personal Training at The Space: Your Customized Wellness Journey** At The Space, we recognize that everyone is unique, with different bodies, aspirations, and wellness goals. Our Personal Training class is a bespoke experience crafted for those eager to elevate their wellness journey. Whether your focus is weight loss, nutrition, fitness planning, or seeking accountability, this class molds itself to your personal wellness objectives. Join us in a journey to become the best version of yourself. **Meet Your Trainer: Emily! Emily, a vibrant force known as the EMergizer Bunny, is your personal fitness guru. With a certification in personal training and specialization in weight loss, Emily has dedicated the past five years to managing a fitness studio, helping over 200 clients achieve their health and fitness dreams. Emily's life revolves around health and wellness, and she thrives on making fitness an enjoyable journey for others. Emily's diverse background includes 5 years of teaching kickboxing, she’s a competitive bodybuilder, and would consider herself a fitness class junkie because she loves trying new things to better assist her clients. Off the gym floor, she enjoys reading, exploring all music genres, relaxing by the lake, and spending time with her dogs, friends, and family. A fun tidbit: Emily once lived in Los Angeles, working in casting for TV shows, with MTV’s Fear Factor being her favorite to be a part of. **What to Expect from the Class:** This class evolves just as you do, offering: - **Personalized Assessment and Goal Setting:** We start with an in-depth discussion about you and your aspirations. We'll design a plan that aligns with your health and wellness journey, setting achievable goals in areas like weight loss, muscle gain, flexibility, or overall health. - **Nutritional Guidance:** Nutrition is a cornerstone of fitness. We offer basic dietary advice to complement your fitness objectives. - **Fitness Plan Development:** Collaboratively, we'll craft a fitness plan that's effective, sustainable, and enjoyable, based on your assessment and goals. - **Accountability:** We're not just trainers; we're your accountability partners. Regular check-ins will monitor your progress, fuel your motivation, celebrate your achievements, and help you set and conquer new goals. **Who Should Attend:** Open to everyone. No experience needed. Whether you're seeking new fitness goals, nutritional advice, a structured plan, or just an

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Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hrs in advance by calling 262-812-4000. The Space reserves the right to bill a cancellation fee and/or offer a partial refund up to 50% for any Service(s) that is canceled within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment.

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