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Winter Solstice

(Class - David Rath)

  • 55 US dollars


* Winter Solstice * The winter solstice or the darkness day of the year is a time when the sun is about to be reborn. The days start to get longer and the seasons brings to shift towards spring. But what does this mean for us ? The winter solstice is about starting coming out of our winter slumber, to idealize and celebrate our new year coming, to bring to plan our futures and cultivate the energies we want to release, forge and build off of. This is also the Highpoint of the hermit season. The hermit reminds us that it is OK to recede within ourselves and check in on ourselves to make sure that we are functioning and nurturing ourselves at the highest potential and potency. Common questions being asked are: Did I do enough this year? Am I holding onto too much? What do I need to let go of?

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